1.  Valuation of Property & Real Estate Appraisers

Property valuation all over Pakistan are conducted for large and small properties, on behalf of Pakistan Banks’ Association. We have been conducting valuations for various local as well as foreign banks, including  NBFI and Modaraba Association of Pakistan.

Sadruddin Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. has been enlisted with Pakistan Banks’ Association  on all three panels (1, 2, 3) for Land, Building, Plant / Machinery, Stock Inspection and Equipments authorized to evaluate a project in no recommended limit restriction for us   “ANY AMOUNT COMPANY”.

  • Property Valuation and Inspection.
  • Valuation of Plant / Machinery.
  • Valuation of all kind of Land (Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural)
  • Valuation of precious Metals and Stones.
  • Survey / Valuation of Fixed Assets.
  • Pre-sale and Pre-purchase Valuation.
  • Mortgage Security Valuation.
  • Resumption and Compensation Assessment.
  • Rental Assessment.
  • Port Folio Valuation.
  • Deceased Estate Valuation.
  • Insurance Valuation.
  • Foreign Immigration Evaluation.
  • Pre-pro-machinery Evaluation.
  • Ship Breaking Evaluation.
  • Live Stock Evaluation.

2- Cost Management and Planning

  • Pre-construction.
  • Project feasibility with financial aspect at pre-design stage.
  • Analysis of project at various design phases such as conceptual, schematic and design development stage.
  • Preparation of BOQ.
  • Preparation of condition of contracts as per FIDIC.
  • Drafting of construction specifications.
  • Final estimates based on detailed Engineering and Architecture design.
  • Preparation of tender documents and contract conditions.
  • Evaluation of bidders for successful selection.
  • Recommendation for economical and feasible alternatives / value engineering.
  • Post Construction.  
  • Detail assessment of contractor invoices / running bills.
  • Generating of interim payment certificates.
  • Preparation of monthly project financial statements.
  • Preparation of cash flow statements.
  • Coordination with Project Manager and all Project Stack Holders for successful monitoring of cost related issues as per construction contract / specification.
  • Generating final payment certificates.

3- Construction Supervision & Management

  • Supervision of all civil / mechanical / electrical work for quality control in accordance
  •     to drawing and specifications.

4- Evaluation of Live Stock

Buffalos found in Pakistan make up 47% of Pakistan’s major dairy animal’s population providing more than about 61% of the total milk produced in the country. Buffalo breeds found in Pakistan are Nili Ravi, Kundi and Aza Kheli. Nili Ravi is considered the best buffalo breed in world and known as Black Gold of Pakistan. Cattle constitute about 53% of the national population of major dairy animals in Pakistan and contribute the share of almost 35% to the total milk production in country. The cattle breeds found in the country are Sahiwal, Cholistani, Red Sndhi, Achai, Bhagnari, Dajal, Dhanni, Gibrali, Kankraj, Lohani, Rojhan, and Thari. Out of these, Sahiwal, Cholistani, and Red Sindhi are main dairy breeds and well known internationally due to their distinct characteristics. Other than well-defined cattle breeds, there are a large number of nondescript and crossbred cattle in this country. Over last ten years, the importance of crossbred animals has been increased due to start of the development in dairy sector on commercial lines. The crossbred animals are mostly preferred for commercial dairy farms due to their higher production. Mostly cross of local cows (like Sahiwal and Cholistani) with imported cows (like Holstein Friesian and Jersey) is demanded by such farms. Besides our local and crossbred animals, imported animals are also the part of dairy cow family of Pakistan. Corporate Dairy Farms prefer dairy animals from other countries and run their farms on most modern lines with international expertise. Almost 95% of imported dairy animals in Pakistan belong to Australia while other 5% from Sweden. The breeds of these imported animals are Holstein Friesian, Jersey and Freisian Jersey Cross. Within few months, American Cattle will also enjoy the four weathers of our country.
Sheep and goats are reared in rural areas but their main purpose is mutton production. The milk produced from these small ruminants is used domestically. Camel is the animal of nomads who raise this animal to sell on Eid ul Adha. The milk produced is used to meet the family needs. Some nomads also sell camel milk in urban areas and its demand is increasing day by day due to medicinal value.
More than 96% of the milk produced in Pakistan comes from cattle and buffalo. The rest of it is collectively produced by sheep, goat and camel which, most of the time, is not sold as such, rather consumed domestically or mixed with buffalo and cow milk.Estimated current National livestock Population based on National Livestock Census 2006 and Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-16 is given below:
Species Population (Million)
Cattle                       39.70
Buffalo                       34.60
Sheep                       29.10
Goat                       66.60
Camel                      1.00
Total                      171
Estimated current National Population of Cattle Breeds based on National Livestock Census 2006 and Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-16 is given below:


Breeds Population (Million)
Sahiwal 3.69
Red Sindhi 4.07
Thari 2.39
Bhag Nari 1.38
Rojhan 0.51
Dhanni 1.99
Kankraj 0.36
Lohani 0.75
Achai 0.91
Gabralli 0.31
Foreign/Cross Bred 4.97
Others 18.35
Estimated current National Population of Buffalo Breeds based on National Livestock Census 2006 and Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-16 is given below:


Breeds Population (Million)
Nili Ravi 13.19
Kundhi   8.46
Azakhale 0.15
Others 12.81
Estimated current Provincial Livestock Population based on National Livestock Census 2006 and Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-16 is given below:


Province Cattle Buffalo Sheep Goat Camel
Punjab 19.36 22.46 6.99 24.55 0.22
Sindh   9.30   9.29 4.35 15.56 0.30
KPK   8.02   2.44 3.69 11.89 0.07
Balochistan   3.02   0.41 14.06 14.59 0.41
Estimated current Provincial Population of Cattle Breeds based on National Livestock Census 2006 and Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-16 is given below:


Breeds Punjab Sindh KPK Balochistan
Sahiwal 2.77 0.19 0.63 0.11
Red Sindhi 0.22 3.55 0.15 0.16
Thari 0.16 2.15 0.07 0.03
Bhag Nari 0.15 0.34 0.07 0.82
Rojhan 0.24 0.09 0.11 0.05
Dhanni 1.51 0.17 0.24 0.05
Kankraj 0.09 0.12 0.12 0.01
Lohani 0.17 0.07 0.17 0.32
Achai 0.11 0.00 0.81 0.01
Gabralli 0.13 0.00 0.16 0.03
Foreign /Cross Bred 3.42 0.17 1.14 0.23
Others 10.39 2.45 4.35 1.18
Estimated current Provincial Population of Buffalo Breeds based on National Livestock Census 2006 and Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-16 is given below:


Breeds Punjab Sindh KPK Balochistan
Nili Ravi 11.95 0.43 0.78 0.03
Kundhi 1.15 6.71 0.30 0.29
Azakhale 0.06 0.00 0.08 0.00
Others 9.31 2.15 1.28 0.09
Milk is favourite food in Pakistan and is consumed as fresh, boiled, powdered and in processed form like yogurt, ghee, lassi, butter, cheese, ice cream, sweets and in other confectioneries. The interesting thing regarding the dairy sector of Pakistan is that although it is third largest milk producing country in the world but still its production falls short to meet the national demand. It is not possible to say that Pakistan is deficient in Milk Production. Pakistan is sufficient in milk production but issue is with supply chain as milk is produced in sufficient volume is few pockets of country but its demand is nationwide. So to fulfill the national demand of milk the need is to manage its supply chain to ensure its availability throughout the country.
Current Milk Production and its availability for human consumption in Pakistan as per Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-16 is given below:
Species Milk Production
(Billion Liters)
Human Milk Consumption (Billion Liters)
Cattle                18.027 14.421
Buffalo                31.252 25.001
Sheep                  0.038 0.037
Goat                  0.822 0.801
Camel                  0.851 0.840
Total               50.990 41.133
During Evaluation following conditions of the dairy animal should be considered.
  • Age of Buffalo / Cow / Bull.
  • To check the Skin, Shinny, Thickness, Softness.
  • Breed Locality.
  • Length
  • Back bone.
  • Feeding Nipple.
  • Chunny Teath.
  • Theath Checkup.
  • Most important is fatten.
  • Present Feed & Medicines dose.

Following Health Disease should be checked from the Animal Health Report.

  • Tuberculosis
  • Brucelosis
  • Leuosis
  • Classical Swine Fever
  • African Swine Fever
  • Vesicular Stomatitus
  • Swine Vesicular Disease
  • Rinderpest
  • Foot & Mouth
  • Peste Des Ruminants
  • Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia
  • Lumpy Skin Disease
  • Blue Tongue
  • Sheep / Goat Pox
  • African Horse Sickness
  • Black Quarter
  • Hermorrhagic Septicemia
  • Anthrax