1- Insurance Loss Adjusting and Engineering Surveys Motor, & Marine and  Non-Marine Claims

The Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers & Mechanical Engineers Master Mariners employed by us are constantly    appointed to carryout Contractor All Risk(CAR) & Extractor All Risk(EAR) losses all over the country through our offices located at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Kabul Afghanistan in order to assess claims work all over the country.

Our special engineers have extensive experience of handling the broad spectrum of losses under EAR, CAR, Fire, Explosion, Machinery Breakdown, Loss of Profit Claims, Flood and Riot Losses, and have special knowledge of the oil and gas industries, pipelines, power generation, communications, food processing, textile, chemical, general manufacturing, shipping etc.

On the household comprehensive policies, we provide immediate facilities for quick appraisal of the damages and losses sustained as a result of theft, arms robbery, fires, storm damage, flood losses, Agricultural losses and other claims where immediate action is necessary in order to carryout remedial measures and for rehabilitation of the premises Valuable feed back to the Insurers for a positive reflection on the claims and for clear interpretation of the policy wording. We also recommend loss reduction measures and improvement of security wherever necessary.

We provide claims handling for employee infidelity, robbery, forgery, counterfeiting, professional negligence and transit losses. As an additional service, we undertake Pre-Risk  and   Risk   Management  Surveys  for  all  institutions  and  cash  handling facilities  with  special  emphasis  on  the  requirements  under  the  banker’s  blanket policy.   Fire and Theft claims.

  1. Assessment of Losses to properties, infrastructure due to Environmental / Floods,
  2. Atmospheric Disturbance etc.
  3. Motor Insurance Claims.
  4. Personal Accident and Death Claims.
  5. Motor Third Party Claims.
  6. Machinery Breakdown Claims.
  7. Earthquake Claims.
  8. Explosion Claims.
  9. Terrorism Claims.
  10. Burglary and Armed Holdup Claims.
  11. Riot & Strike Claims.
  12. Plate Glass Damage Claims.
  13. Impact Damage Claims.
  14. Marine Transit Claims.
  15. Project Risk Assessment.
  16. Loading / unloading bulk cargo supervision.
  17. Hotel Owners All Risk Survey / Inspection.
  18. Loss & Profit Claims.

2- Marine Survey / Vessel Inspection

  1. Draught Surveys to assess quantity of cargo.
  2. Bunker Off hire / On hire surveys.
  3. Ship Off hire / On hire condition survey.
  4. Loading Discharging Supervision at Ship for Petroleum Tankers.

3- Afghan Transit Survey / Inspection

  1. Losses occurred during transit from Pakistan to Afghanistan (any place of Afghanistan)
  2. Survey / inspection at final destination Afghanistan.
  3. Pre-transit survey / inspection at port premises.
  4. All kind of survey / inspection / evaluation in entire Afghanistan.